Generation Kingspan Student Architectural Design Competition

The GenK Student Design Competition offers the opportunity to compete in an Insulated Metal Panel (IMP) design competition with a chance to win top awards. Students investigate how insulated roof and wall panels can be integrated into the design of a mixed-use building. Students compete, communities participate, and everyone learns more about sustainable design with Kingspan Insulated Panels.

Generation Kingspan (GenK) student participants will design a multi-use complex with commercial, residential, and community/recreation space. The project site is in Calgary. Entrants are challenged to propose high-performance building envelope solutions that rely on the performance characteristics of a variety of insulated metal panel types. Entrants will compete for prizes by submitting their best, most innovative design for this facility and should take into account the following: location (urban, downtown historical); climate (sun, wind, light, and water); and culture (patterns of interaction).

Through plans, sections, elevations, and rendered perspectives, participants should clearly demonstrate the integration of insulated metal panels within the overall mixed-use complex. The building should be designed from a life-cycle (LCA) perspective, using ASHRAE 90.1, LEED, GreenGlobes, and the Living Building Challenge for guidance.

Participants may receive prizes based on their entry in one of two ways. The first will be through a judged competition in which industry professionals will evaluate and rank the entries. The second will be through influence from project clusters on KINetic combined with online voting on the Generation Kingspan contest website from badges earned in the areas of: creativity/innovation; proper use of panel; and function.

To enter, students must be currently enrolled in an architectural program offering a B.Arch. or M.Arch. from an institution of higher education. The institution may be located in North America or abroad.

The submission deadline is November 4, 2014 at11:59pm (EST).

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