ft3 Architecture Landscape Interior Design Wins 2019 Cool Gardens Competition

Manitoba’s annual summer installation, Cool Gardens, is a public exhibition located in Winnipeg and Brandon that features contemporary garden and art installations.

The exhibit’s general “cooling” theme celebrates garden culture and the local landscape, while bringing architects, designers, landscape architects, and artists together.

This year, ft3 Architecture Landscape Interior Design’s sensory installation Keep Your Cool, was the exhibition’s 2019 competition winner.

Photo Courtesy of coolgardens.ca

Keep Your Cool’s experience of colour, light and shadows, frames the sky with layers of interwoven cord that emulate cloud formations.

The installation’s initiative is to “encourage cloud gazing, taking time to pause, reflect and create infinite possibilities, ideas and narratives.”

Keep Your Cool juxtaposes nature and technology by using the anticipated “typing awareness” symbol with cloud imagery.

Through its scale and orientation, the installation redefines the association with these recognizable icons from potential unease to limitless creativity.

Photo Courtesy of coolgardens.ca

According to ft3 Architecture Landscape Interior Design, the pattern of the installation’s cords is motivated by the methods of string art. In contrast to their analog art, the team suggests keeping your cool through digital hashtags and selfies.

Cool Gardens’ intends to mirror the Winnipeg Warming Huts program, and takes place from July until the end of September.

The exhibition will also feature Cartwheels by Kenneth Lavallee as the 2019 Invited Artist.

Photo Courtesy of coolgardens.ca

Kenneth Lavallee is a Winnipeg-based artist of Metis descent whose work is influenced by his environment — specifically Winnipeg.

Cartwheels is inspired by disassembled vehicles and antique farm tools, which dot Kenneth’s family’s gardens in the Metis community of St Laurent. These rusting tools were also given new life as ornamental lawn art by Lavallee’s mother.

Cool Gardens presents an alternative attraction for tourist participation by increasing visitation from guests through the exchange of nature and art.