Four Corners Design Competition

This architectural/urban design ideas competition focuses on a study area in Naples, Florida, lies between the vibrant central entertainment and retail spine known as Fifth Avenue South on the west, and a planned major retail, office and residential development on the east, currently known as Grand Central Station. This development is expected to be equally as vibrant as Fifth Avenue South. This competition has been mounted to discover exciting ways to link these two focal areas, joining them into a new and grander Naples downtown. The competition also seeks to discover attractive ways to link this new enhanced core area to several other adjacent areas. The City of Naples has long been recognized as one of the most attractive locations in Florida. Located on the Gulf of Mexico, Naples has attracted an upscale population of around 22,000 year-round residents and an additional 16,000 seasonal residents. The city also serves as the hub of a vast metropolitan community of around 250,000. An award of $20,000 US is being offoered, and registration is due February 24, 2006 with a submission deadline of March 1, 2006. The fee to enter is $50 for students and professors, and $100 for professionals. For more information, please visit or e-mail