Five Canadian projects featured in Oslo Triennial’s Neighbourhood Index

The online platform for the 2022 Triennial focuses on neighbourhood projects, practices and perspectives.

Five Canadian projects have been selected to showcase in the Oslo Triennial’s Neighbourhood Index, an online catalogue of neighbourhood projects, practices and perspectives.

The index highlights work from architects, planners, urban practitioners, academics, artists and activists from around the world. All projects shown in the index were sent in through the international Open Call that the Triennale, launched in spring 2022.

An international jury has made the selection to be featured on the online platform, as well as choosing which projects to be exhibited in Oslo during the Oslo Architecture Triennale, starting September 22nd 2022.

“The index aims to show visionary ideas and examples on how to form better neighbourhoods,” writes the organizers. “What are the practical, architectural, and social features of good neighbourhoods? How can we share more at a neighbourhood scale? How can new urban areas become more diverse and socially and environmentally sustainable?”

The Canadian projects include:

Stephanie Davidson / DAVIDSON RAFAILIDIS
a fence and a ladder: subversive acts of everyday urbanism at home
Project | Canada

Fence and ladder_01, S.Davidson

Lexie Owen
Neighbourhoods as Networks of Care
Perspective | Canada

WNDW Gallery (2015 – 17). Christian Vistan + Jasmin Baetz @ 943 E 10th Ave. The Cactus Packing Project

Marwah Garib and Sandi Boulos
Practice | Canada

Scenario 2.1: The CNO and the landowner co-invest in building new mixed-use multifamily development. The landowner would reside in one unit, with the rest being affordable housing units as well as a non-residential use such as retail or an amenity.

Atelier RZLBD
Project | Canada

(c) Atelier RZLBD

De-hierarchize the Commercial Street: Nothing Extraordinary, Really
Project | Canada