February 13 submission deadline for Manitoba’s Benchmark proposals

Storefront Manitoba and the Winnipeg Trails Association launched the 2018 / 2019 Benchmark Design Competition, an international competition that aims to challenge and transform the idea of the ‘common’ bench and create landmarks along Winnipeg’s trail systems. The future locations of the winning designs will be along The Great Trail (TCT) which is made up of hundreds of local trails, together forming the longest recreational trail in the world.Benchmark Design Competition

Two sites have been identified along the Trans Canada Trail which has recently been rebranded as The Great Trail. ‘The Great Trail’ was chosen to engage Canadians of all ages by referring to the uplifting and inspiring experience of being on the Trail itself. Made up of hundreds of local trails, joined together to form one of the world’s longest and grandest trails, The Great Trail offers a multitude of trail experiences from wilderness pathways, rail trails, forested trails, rural tracks, historic canoe routes to paved urban walkways, downtown streets, country roads, logging roads, and secondary highways.

The Trail offers Canadians and international visitors a unique way to get outdoors, explore major cities and small towns; experience our ever-changing landscapes; and discover Canada’s rich history, and diverse cultures, communities and people. Refer to The Great Trail website for more info including a useful interactive map linked here.

Placemaking is an important aspect of transportation, recreation and city building. A design competition to spur creative placemaking ideas is an opportunity to permanently and continually raise awareness of the beauty of Winnipeg’s trails system while providing practical benefits to present and future users. The benches will be unveiled in June 2019 and everyone will be welcome to meet the design teams and their creations.

Benchmark 2018 / 2019 is supported by the City of Winnipeg, Winnipeg Trails Association

and Storefront Manitoba. More information about the 2018/2019 Benchmark Design Competition is available at this link. The daedline for submissions is February 13.