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William Farrell Building, Vancouver

Busby + Associates Architects

January 1, 2001
by Canadian Architect

Client: Telus Accommodation Services

Architect Team: R. Bens, B. Billingsley, P. Busby, R. Drew, S. Edwards, M. Elkan, S. Gushe, M. Johnston, J. Huffman, M. McColl, T. Mullock, D. Nielsen, M. Nielsen, S. Palmier, R. Peck, J. South, B. Wakelin, A. Waugh, B. Welty, T. Winkler

Structural: Read Jones Christoffersen

Mechanical: Keen Engineering Co. Ltd.

Electrical: Reid Crowther & Partners

Interiors: Busby + Associates Architects, Smart Design Group, Gowling & Gibb Architects

Contractor: Dominion Construction

Costing: James Bush & Associates

Environmental: PHH

Code: Pioneer Consultants

Area:131,245 ft2

Budget: $13 million

Completion: September 2001

Photographer: Steven Palmier

Canadian Architect

Canadian Architect

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