Canadian Architect


Why Canada Needs a Public Architecture Policy

Canada would benefit from implementing quality-based guidelines for commissioning architects and building architecture.

Book Review: Architecture on Ice

Andrew Bramm reviews Howard Shubert's architectural history of ice rinks.

Book Review: Tall Wood Buildings

David Valldeby reviews the book Tall Wood Buildings: Design, Construction and Performance, by Michael Green and Jim Taggart.

Web Exclusive: Fire Station #5

Located in the borough of Pintendre on the outskirts of Lévis, the new 1,500 sq. m. fire station houses eight fire trucks.

Two Circles

A simple but sublime artwork marks the lobbies of Toronto's recently completed Bay Adelaide Centre East.

Pocket-Sized Tour Guide

Digital tools are changing the way we experience architecture. Here's a roundup of download-worthy apps, podcasts, videos and interactive websites that inspire a new appreciation of the built environment.

Exchange Centre

A new facility in Waterloo serves triple-duty as a tech incubator and the hub for Wilfrid Laurier University's math department and business school.