Canadian Architect


Web Exclusive: Due Diligence

Why a due diligence review is essential in a business acquisition

Web Exclusive: Letter from London

In post-Brexit Britain, should we expect new sweetness and purity in contemporary English architecture? Or a resurgence of fanaticism and intensity in the education of architects?

At Work & At Play

A series of workplaces for a Canadian e-commerce company blurs the lines between business and leisure.

Field of Dreams

A bold cultural centre in Montreal's west end is a playful, yet highly disciplined composition that makes clever connections to its surroundings.

Solid Liquid Ether

Vancouver choreographer Heather Myers' latest dance piece takes inspiration from its architectural setting.

Editorial: Crossing Borders

The TPP is most often associated with the free trade of goods, but an important component of the agreement is also the exchange of services—including architectural expertise.

Book Review: Places: Public Architecture

HCMA Architecture + Design focuses on their large public projects across a spectrum of sectors including libraries, schools and fire stations.

Altered: The Evolution of Toronto’s Church Landscape

With congregations declining, many of Canada's churches are on the verge of closing. But changes in ecclesiastical buildings are nothing new—they've been ongoing since pioneer days, according to a duo of Toronto-area researchers.

Pure Aesthetic

A purveyor of skin care products puts a refreshingly original approach to design at the core of its boutiques.

Book Review: Attunement: Architectural Meaning After the Crisis of Modern Science

For architectural settings to become fully relevant, they must manifest atmospheres that enable harmonious, synesthetic experiences of human action & place.