Canadian Architect


Editorial: Manufactured Assemblies

More efficient construction methods are a no-brainer, but the industry is notoriously slow to change.

Music of the Spheres

A curvilinear centre for musical performance, exhibition and recording hits all the right notes, creating a sublime landmark at the eastern edge of downtown Calgary.

Web Exclusive: Letter Cloud

Designers Julia Jamrozik and Coryn Kempster collaborate on a public artwork project in Edmonton's Clareview Public Library.

Timesheets: A Cruel Hoax

Rick Linley, former Chief Operating Officer at Smith Carter Architects and Engineers Inc. in Winnipeg, considers why timesheets are a cruel hoax in the day-to-day workings of an architect.

Practiced Poise

A Taoist temple on the edge of Toronto is delicately balanced atop two dramatically cantilevered platforms.

Editorial: Sharing Space

A loose attitude towards possessions has certain roots in architecture, and has intriguing implications for its future.

Web Exclusive: Hemmingford House

This distinctly modern residence by SIMARD Architecture unfolds onto the surrounding rural landscape and honours the many features of its rich agricultural past.

Winnipeg Warmth

Each winter, architect- and artist-designed shelters transform Winnipeg's rivertop skating trail into an ever-growing treasure trove of contemporary art.

Because it’s 2017: Gender Diversity in Canada’s Architecture Profession

The state of diversity in the profession has been under increasing scrutiny both inside and outside of Canada.

Journey’s End

The 170-year-old Mount Royal Company's landscape-oriented approach comes forward in a new Montreal cemetery.