Canadian Architect


RAIC Journal: A Welcome Discussion

No hands Presents: Buildings x Chrisarrrrr

Creative studio no hands profiles photographer Christopher Ryan as he documents the cities around him.

In Memoriam: Phyllis Lambert renders tribute to architect Peter Carter

Phyllis Lambert, architect and founder of the Canadian Centre for Architecture, pens a tribute to architect Peter Carter (1927–2017).

Web Exclusive: Humber College Student Welcome & Resource Centre

An iconic landmark at Humber College serves as a gathering place for a fast-growing and diverse student population.

Toro Canyon House

In this unpublished text from 2011, George Baird reflects on a visit to Barton Myers' iconic California home.

For What it’s Worth

A strategy of charging for initial consultations allows architects to get paid for all of their work—as well as giving clients more confidence in the design process.

More Than Enough

A minimalist house in rural Nova Scotia is maximally generous in its sweeping views, simple comforts, and thoughtful architectural gestures.

Skewing the Square

A luxurious bungalow stems from the initial move of pulling at the corners of a familiar shape.