Canadian Architect


Documentary: Toronto made, Toronto found

“Toronto made, Toronto found” explores how the city came to look like it does today — and the processes likely to determine its future form.

Making Space

In Hong Kong, migrant domestic workers squeeze into tiny living quarters for six days of the week, then claim the city's public plazas on their day off.

New Visions for Social Housing

Housing affordability is reaching a crisis point in many Canadian cities. How can architects learn from the past to build social housing for a new generation of residents?

The Heat is On

Improving energy efficiency in new and existing buildings is essential in Canada's efforts to counter the effects of climate change—and it could be a now-or-never proposition.

Parks and Regeneration

A downtown Toronto green space revamps a brownfield into a vibrant public place that gives back to the environment.

Civic Art

OMA's new pavilion for a Quebec City museum puts generous public spaces and an international-calibre art collection in the foreground.

Perimeter Player

A downtown Toronto sports centre squeezes up against its lot lines to create a spectator-friendly court for varsity competitions, along with fitness areas offering stunning campus views.

Nesting Boxes

An elegant arts centre is the nucleus of a new civic hub for an off-island suburb of Montreal.