Canadian Architect


Remedial Economics

The former B.C. government's school building policy illustrates the pitfalls of short-term expediency and overly regulated design.

Extra Special

A Vancouver designer resurrects and beautifies a maligned regional house type.

Products & Services (July 01, 2001)

Construction of the Guideway

Article (July 01, 2001)

Embodied Minds

A major exhibition at the CCA emphasizes John Soane's pivotal role in the transition from neo-classicism to modernism.

News (July 01, 2001)

Reading Architecture

A recently published monograph and a new art gallery represent two career-capping achievements for Edmonton architect Barry Johns.

Vancouver’s Millennium Line

The extension of Vancouver's SkyTrain establishes a new direction for the design of the city's transit stations.

Article (June 01, 2001)