Canadian Architect


Outside the Box (October 01, 2001)

A cleverly conceived infill house in Montreal makes the most of a serendipitous street condition.

Made to Measure

An addition to a tailor shop embodies the attention to detail and customization of the store's made-to-measure service.

Lamps for Store Lighting

An expert reviews the pros and cons of various strategies for lighting retail environments.

News (September 01, 2001)

Shedding Light on Bruce

The design of retail lighting systems is facilitated by a new generation of easy-to-use lighting simulation software.

Super Markets

A redesigned supermarket environment offering a high degree of amenity realizes benefits for a large grocery chain.


Form Follows Frustration

A professor of architecture's dissatisfaction with traditional racing shells serves as the basis for an award-winning new design.

Simons Says

A Quebec department store borrows the sinuous forms of Bilbao's Guggenheim Museum to attract attention--and customers.

Products & Services (September 01, 2001)