Canadian Architect


Practical Visions

A recent exhibition at the University of Toronto celebrates the career and contribution of Eric Ross Arthur.

Seductive Ambiguity

New interventions at the U of T architecture building produce an object lesson in architecture's complex delights.

Products & Services (January 01, 2002)

Perspectives on Sustainability

As architecture more fully engages the challenge of sustainable development, the need for architectural science education and the free exchange of knowledge will gain importance.

Rain Forest Green

A small campus building seeks to establish a new benchmark for sustainable design at UBC.

Sustaining Civic Memory

A coalition of artists, architects, developers and downtown residents fight to prevent the demolition of Winnipeg's historic Eaton's Building.

Product Showcase: Panolam and Pionite Value-engineer your next project

Code Green

A benchmark is set for green design at a suburban Toronto campus.

Green Connection

A user group's demand for operable windows initiated an innovative green building strategy at the University of Calgary.

Viewpoint (January 01, 2002)