Canadian Architect


Books (March 01, 2002)

Principles of Enclosure

An emerging concept in building envelope design views building enclosures as environmental mediators rather than separators.

Improving Artlantis

A much-needed upgrade brings lighting quality improvements, but the quirky interface remains.

Building Health

A new cancer centre in Southwestern Ontario provides patients with an intimate and dignified environment for treatment.

Medicine by Design

Canadian architects have long been leaders in the development of innovative health care building types.

Viewpoint (February 01, 2002)


Student-designed drawing instruments celebrate how invention is as much about problem-making as problem-solving.

The Fresh on Paint

New advances in paint technology reduce environmental and health impacts and offer deeper, more enduring finishes.

News (February 01, 2002)

The Colour of Culture

The role of colour in shaping our experience of architecture is examined through the spectrum of its physical, metaphysical, and moral dimensions.