Canadian Architect


Greening Government

New government offices in an Alberta town embrace a progressive green agenda.

Product Showcase: Oc’s New Wide Format Printing/Scanning/Copying Solution

Awards of Excellence 2001: Meat and Potatoes

Entries (December 01, 2001)

Special Award: Winter Gardens

A series of temporary installations in a Quebec park explores movements in space and time in a wilderness landscape.

Award of Merit: Bird Studies Canada Headquarters and National Research Centre

A courtyard arrangement creates a clearly defined compound and frames a view of the World Biosphere Reserve on Lake Erie.

Award of Excellence: Reconstruction du Thtre Espace Libre

An inventive renovation to a fire station provides an expressive and efficiently-organized home for two resident theatre companies.

Award of Excellence: Staehling Residence

A modest retirement home embodies the multitude of forces that shape its production.

The Winners; Awards of Excellence 2001

Once again, the jury notes the absence of radical practice in Canada, but their comments suggest that this isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Award of Merit: 51 Division

A historic gas purification plant is incorporated in this sophisticated reinterpretation of the police station type.