Canadian Architect


2002 Governor General’s Medals for Architecture: Benny Farm, Montreal, Quebec

Viewpoint (April 01, 2002)

Raising Environmental Standards

ISO 14000 provides an environmental management system framework for incorporating environmentally responsible choices into design projects.

24/7 on the 401

A buzzing vessel for student life accommodates a variety of activities around the clock.

Law and Order

An innovative combination of police and judicial functions is found serendipitously within a single building.

The Little Squares that Could

Around the world, ceramic tile exported from Italy covers a lot of ground.

Clean Concrete

Advances in concrete technology reduce its environmental impact and enhance its durability and appearance.

News (April 01, 2002)

Speed and Stasis

A gateway building to York University embodies an intriguing tension between exuberance and contemplation.

Products & Services (April 01, 2002)