Canadian Architect


The Architects who Invented the Future

A retrospective exhibition at Winnipeg's Plug In Gallery of the work of Archigram reveals the collective's ongoing influence.

Speculative Modernism

A pair of townhouses demonstrates the potential benefits architects can bring to speculative housing.

Viewpoint (July 01, 2002)

Understanding EIFS

Two building scientists argue that despite problems associated with face-sealed EIFS, architects should not fault the material, but rather understand its capabilities.

Enclosure Design Tools

Despite architects' high degree of comfort with analog tools, digital tools represent the future of enclosure design, facilitating innovation and cost-effective production.

Builders Without Borders

A humanitarian organization helps direct Canadian design and construction expertise to the developing world.

Building Kyoto

The design professions and the construction industry have much to contribute to meeting Canada's Kyoto commitments.

Cement, Concrete

An exhibition at the University of Toronto casts a romantic and visionary eye on one of the most omnipresent of building materials.

Skateboards and Laser Beams

A new park provides an environment for the skateboard subculture to demonstrate techniques and share experiences in a significant public space.

Viewpoint (June 01, 2002)