Canadian Architect


From Wood to Wallpaper: Tile Trends at Cersaie

From ceramic tiles to kitchen and bathroom furnishings, the annual trade show was ripe with inspiration for the architecture and interior design industries.

Reaching New Heights

The world's tallest contemporary mass timber building is nearing completion in Vancouver, presenting a pragmatic argument for how mass wood can be used for all types of buildings, from the audacious to the everyday.

Winnipeg Prefab

In low budget, high innovation Winnipeg, premanufactured building panels are finding new aesthetic expression on the skin of recent downtown structures.

Editorial: Manufactured Assemblies

More efficient construction methods are a no-brainer, but the industry is notoriously slow to change.

Music of the Spheres

A curvilinear centre for musical performance, exhibition and recording hits all the right notes, creating a sublime landmark at the eastern edge of downtown Calgary.

Web Exclusive: Letter Cloud

Designers Julia Jamrozik and Coryn Kempster collaborate on a public artwork project in Edmonton's Clareview Public Library.

Timesheets: A Cruel Hoax

Rick Linley, former Chief Operating Officer at Smith Carter Architects and Engineers Inc. in Winnipeg, considers why timesheets are a cruel hoax in the day-to-day workings of an architect.

Practiced Poise

A Taoist temple on the edge of Toronto is delicately balanced atop two dramatically cantilevered platforms.

Editorial: Sharing Space

A loose attitude towards possessions has certain roots in architecture, and has intriguing implications for its future.

Web Exclusive: Hemmingford House

This distinctly modern residence by SIMARD Architecture unfolds onto the surrounding rural landscape and honours the many features of its rich agricultural past.