Canadian Architect


Our Lady Of The Prairies

An hour from Winnipeg, a forgotten architectural gem is set on the prairie.

RAIC Journal: The Business of Architecture

In a recent survey, RAIC members told us we that we can’t leave business out of the practice of architecture.

Pavilion On The Lake

A swooping addition to Toronto's storied Boulevard Club is a sculptural presence on the lakeshore.

Bringing The Past to Light

The renovation and expansion of a college recreation centre unveils the structural ingenuity of the existing building.

Editorial: Building Tension

Buildings are complex, and so are their contexts: urban, economic, societal, and otherwise. Pure preservation is at times warranted, as is complete demolition of older structures. But more often than not, there are other options that merit consideration—solutions that include some elements of both the past and future.

Riding The Wave

A new aquatic centre provides the rapidly expanding community of Surrey with a world class swimming facility topped by a dramatic roof.

Web Exclusive: Learning from Shenzhen

Editorial: The Price of Architecture

Unpaid overtime is tacitly supported by employment legislation across Canada, but architects are seeking to end the unfair practice.

Emerging Talent

Our second annual round-up of Canada's top emerging designers.