Exhibitions (June 01, 2009)

In Study Model Wonderland from Halifax to Vancouver.

This exhibition at Maison de l’architecture du Qubec–MONOPOLI in Montreal begins with a question: in this day and age of AutoCAD and digital design, is the study model still playing a role in the architect’s creative process? The answer proves to be resoundingly affirmative, from a vast cross-Canada investigation conducted by the MONOPOLI team with the help of three researchers under the direction of chief curator Sophie Gironnay. Forty study models have been selected for the exhibition in a variety of scales and representing a vastly divergent assemblage of projects, each possessing a unique quality of expression and beauty. They are housed within a setting courtesy of architectural firm Atelier in situ, the exhibition’s guest designers. Along with the models, photos of the finished buildings and quotes from their architects express the creatively complex process of designing a building. Accompanying the exhibition is a 56-page catalogue titled 1:26, the result of a creative collaboration–graphic design by Uniform, image direction by Alain Laforest, photographs by Marc Gibert, and a colour pamphlet by milie Graves. The exhibition ends October 10, 2009.