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Your Future Home: Creating the New Vancouver

January 21 - May 15, 2016
1100 Chestnut Street, Vancouver, British Columbia


From the Vancouver Urbanarium Society and the Museum of Vancouver comes the immersive and timely new exhibition, Your Future Home: Creating the New Vancouver

As it explores the hottest topics in Vancouver today—housing affordability, urban density, mobility, and public space—Your Future Home invites people to discover surprising facts about the city and imagine what Vancouver might become. This major exhibition engages visitors with the bold visual language and lingo of real estate advertising as it presents the visions of talented Vancouver designers about how we might design the cityscapes of the future. Throughout the run of the exhibition, visitors can deepen their experience through a series of programs, including workshops, happy hours, and debates among architectural, real estate and urban planning experts.


Events & Programs

Vancouver Debates I – Wednesday, January 20
How and where will Vancouver and its region accommodate increased population? In densifying neighborhoods, where do issues of fairness, democracy, ecology and community preservation come into play? Should any areas be off limits? Hosted by Urbanarium. Featuring Joyce Drohan (pro), Brent Toderian (pro), Sam Sullivan (con), Michael Goldberg (con).

Built City Speaker Series II – Thursday, February 11

The world’s industrial design processes are becoming more precise, more computerized and more perfect.  In contrast, buildings are still hand-made, imperfect and almost crude.  D’Arcy Jones will present recent studio work, highlighting their successes and failures in the pursuit of craft within the limits of contemporary construction. Visual artist, Germaine Koh’s public interventions and urban situations cultivate an active citizenry through play and conceptual provocation. She will present Home Made Home, her project for building small dwellings, which promotes DIY community building and creative strategies for occupying urban space. More Info.

Intimate conversations with designers, architects and curators during tours of the exhibition. Dates and details: February 4

Happy Hours
The most edu-taining night of the week. Have a drink, watch a presentation. MOV combines learning with a fun, social experience.  Dates and details: February 19

Out&About Walking Tours
Explorations of Vancouver architecture and infrastructure, led by urban experts.TBA

Design Sundays Group Workshops
A series of workshops in April discussing the exhibition’s themes of housing affordability, urban density, mobility, and public space. Coming in April.

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