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World Sense of Place Summit

October 25 - October 30, 2015
Putrajaya, Federal Territory, Malaysia

The World Sense of Place Summit also known as SoPlace Summit is a new platform brought to you to mobilise the global sense-of-place fraternity for mainstream impact which will provide plenary sessions for perspective debate; the sharing of best practices and innovative solutions; presentation for ground-breaking ideas; the management, making and marketing of places in attracting and retaining talent, citizens, investors, and tourists. Working with communities and governments, and across sectors and geo-political borders, the Summit will demonstrate that it is possible to bring about positive changes and innovation for a sustainable future of our place – village, district, town, city, state, region, country, and our world. The Summit provides opportunities for incubating and networking for new ideas, innovation, and sustainable socio-economic reform. The Urban Century demands and expectations placed on our future sense of place are unprecedented. SoPlace Summit is a premier platform for place-based leaders, government leaders, and industry experts to engage meaningful and primacy of the sense of place – address the challenges of liveable and sustainable places, share trend-setting solutions, and forge new collaborated initiatives. Attendance and participation is by invitation.

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We generate our placeness and our soul through meaningful experience and discovery of a particular place and space – a growing sense of belonging, sense of time, and sense of purpose. A strong sense of place catalyzes sustainable stewardship of our civilization, culture, heritage, landscape, and environment. Sense of place is a characteristic that some geographic places have and some do not, while to others it is a feeling or perception held by people. It is often used in relation to those characteristics that make a place special or unique, as well as to those that foster a sense of authentic human attachment and belonging.

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