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Toronto the Good 2016: Workshop and Lecture

May 06 - May 07, 2016
105 Bond Street, Toronto, ON

Heritage and Democracy: Bringing Heritage out of History and into the City

ICOMOS Wokshop: 9AM – 5PM
Friday May 6, 2016

A one-day workshop presented by the Canadian committee of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS CANADA) that explores tactical heritage urbanism in the Canadian context. Tactical urbanism usually refers to small-scale, short-term interventions that are meant to inspire long-term change. As heritage aficionados, we’re interested in exploring ideas, actions, and interventions related to identity, public realm, civic engagement, tangible and intangible heritage, and telling stories from a multiplicity of voices.

Explore Toronto on a specially curated early morning Jane’s Walk followed by workshops at 105 Bond Street. Lunch will be provided.


Red skies in the morning: Threats to cultural landscapes in Canada posed by a changing environment

Annual Martin Weaver Fund Lecture: 9:30AM
Saturday May 7, 2016
Free, but registration is required. Space is limited.

Dr. Colleen S.L. Mercer Clarke will present a lecture on how cultural landscapes are threatened by the impacts of climate change, including protective measure whose impacts have not been well-considered. She will be followed by a representative from Parks Canada to continue the conversation with a talk on “Rouge National Urban Park: Constancy of Landscape Change.”

The lectures will take place 9:30-12:30 in Metro Hall, 200 Wellington St. E, Room 310.

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