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Sustainable Building Manitoba

November 09, 2016
360 Portage Avenue Winnipeg, MB R3C 0H3

Do Our Green Buildings Perform As Intended? 

Green building projects in Canada and elsewhere in the world typically focus on projected performance. Using ‘Building Performance Evaluation’ case studies of leading Canadian projects, this presentation examines whether our green buildings perform as expected and the implications for industry and government policy.

National, regional and local governments are adopting more stringent standards to minimize energy use, carbon emissions and other environmental impacts of the buildings sector. These standards are typically based on projected performance made at the design stage using a variety of green building rating systems and tools. This raises the question: Do our green buildings actually perform as intended and ,if not, what are the gaps and implications for both industry and government policy?

This presentation will address these questions from a Canadian perspective. It will share the results of comprehensive Building Performance Evaluations of nine leading green building projects across Canada. This research has been conducted by a unique industry-academic partnership lead by Canadian members of the International Initiative for a Sustainable Built Environment in cooperation with Ryerson University, University of British Columbia and the University of Manitoba. The presentation will also discuss planned work by iiSBE Canada to further advance performance assessments of green building projects in Canada and internationally.

Shauna Mallory-Hill (University of Manitoba), Doug Corbett (Corbett Architecture) and Ken Klassen (Infotechnika) will deliver this presentation on behalf iiSBE Canada, an affiliate of the International Initiative for a Sustainable Built Environment (iiSBE). Detaled Bios can be found HERE.

iiSBE Canada is a diverse group of individuals from across the country with a passion for creating more sustainable buildings. Our focus is on assessing the energy and environmental performance of leading examples of green buildings in Canada, comparing the results being achieved elsewhere in the world, and sharing the knowledge gained with industry, government and the academic sectors.

For more information about iiSBE Canada, its members and activities, please visit our web site at this link:

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