Canadian Architect


Russell Loveridge lecture

October 19, 2015
University of Manitoba



Centre Space, John A. Russell Building, Faculty of Architecture, University of Manitoba


Architecture as a practice is simultaneously an act of both authorship and collaboration. Developments of technology have always mediated the planning, development and realisation processes used to achieve our designs. But do new digital technologies also fundamentally revolutionize the methods and scope of collaboration?

Digital fabrication promises to revolutionize architecture. The seamless combination of digital processes with physical construction already enables the realization of radically new designs. However, to further advance innovation, intensive interdisciplinary cooperation is required. The Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) Digital Fabrication has been initiated at ETH Zurich to bring together researchers in the fields of architecture, engineering, materials science, computer science, and robotics. The ambition is to develop new methods of design and construction through which ground-breaking technological solutions can arise, while concurrently developing understanding of how novel collaborations can fosters a new digital building culture.

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