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October 06 - October 08, 2016

Between October 6th and 8th 2016, MAPP_MTL lays the foundation for an international scale event, at the convergence points of Mile End and Mile-Ex neighbourhoods.

This first edition will offer a journey of both interior and exterior installations, exploring spaces and objects as an open laboratory, a vision of the future of mapping. Mapping is a fascinating medium that uses video projection to reinvent the places, spaces and objects that surround us. Playing with our perceptions of reality and touching people through the power to transform. Such is the seemingly unlimited potential of mapping.

An idea incubator and engine for action, MAPP_MTL gathers a community of artists, artisans and thinkers, in order to explore the limits of mapping, regarding its language, as well as its technical possibilities and, in the long term, its applications in our society.

The principal goal of MAPP_MTL is to create a window into the field of possibilities of the art of transformation, and to offer an opportunity for the public at large to live uncommon and exceptional experiences.

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