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2015/2016 Life to Buildings™ Design Challenge

November 23 - March 31, 2016

Life to Buildings Design Challenge Poster

Calling for submissions – Design Challenge to Bring Nature Indoors!

This annual competition brings together post-secondary students from all disciplines, and tasks them with producing unique and innovative designs that integrate nature with an indoor space using INDI’s own Life to Buildings framework. INDI hopes to inspire a generation of innovative and forward thinkers to embrace Nature into design.

With the Category Sponsor as a “client”, you will be required to produce an original design concept that achieves their goals and meets their requirements; though the winners will be those that go above and beyond to produce something truly exceptional and inspiring.

In addition to being given specifications for the design space and what the client seeks to achieve, you will also need to consider real-world factors such as costs and expertise requirements for both construction and ongoing maintenance. When creating a design, compromises often need to be made to find the balance between what is desired and what is realistic. The skill with which you resolve these conflicts is what distinguishes a good designer from a great one.

To ensure that projects are all comparable on an “apples to apples” basis, we require that all designs apply INDI’s own Life to Buildings™ framework (highlighted on our website) for integrating nature into an indoor space.

If the themes of Nature and Sustainable Building Design are ones that really resonate with you, then this competition might be just the opportunity for you to develop and showcase your design skills!

Deadline extended to March 31st 2016! Register NOW!

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