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Launch of Bracket 3 [at Extremes]

March 28, 2017
203 College Street, Toronto, Ontario

Bracket [at Extremes] examines the condition of extremes, and the role of instability, volatility and imbalance as productive agents in design thinking.

Bracket is pleased to announce the Toronto launch of its third volume Bracket [at Extremes]. To examine the notion of extremes takes one away from a centre point, which is characterized by predictability, balance and familiarity, and moves one instead towards a condition where unpredictability, disequilibrium and strangeness become the new normal. How can risk and extreme circumstances be leveraged as a new, productive model for architecture; a model emphasizing speculation as a way to test scenarios, outcomes and tools?

Until now, the developed world has been able to displace the economic, environmental and political impact of its development to other nations and peoples, rendering the risk invisible. However the complete displacement of risk is no longer possible. Extreme environments test design’s agility and ingenuity, begging the question: are there limits to the degree that we can reasonably engineer our environments in the future? And as our physical environments continue to change at ever faster rates, will notions of ‘before’ and ‘after’ states cease to be meaningful, instead suggesting that environment is in a continuous, unfolding and ungraspable state of perpetual transformation? Bracket [at Extremes] examines new roles, territories and agencies in which people, culture and ecologies adapt to conditions of imbalance, unpredictability and strangeness, and envision opportunities for invention.

The editorial board and jury for Bracket 3 includes Julien de Smedt, Keller Easterling, Michel Hensel, Alessandra Ponte, Francois Roche, Lola Sheppard and Maya Przybylski

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