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Kristiina Lahde: From a Straight Line to a Curve

September 12, 2015
MKG127, 1445 Dundas Street West, Toronto, Ontario

In her third solo exhibition at MKG127, From a Straight Line to a Curve, Toronto artist Kristiina Lahde uses elegant conceptual systems to make drawings, photos and sculptural constructions. She takes the notion of “from a straight line to a curve” as a literal challenge. The resulting explorations teeter between structure and collapse. Straight edges are linked together only to drape under their own weight. Strings fall under the force of gravity. Paper is folded and curved to achieve form and volume. Lines radiate and multiply to form methodical drawings. Lahde creates a delicate balance between materials that are either held in tension or fall prey to gravity. Lahde alters and reformats ordinary objects and materials through a process of geometric reorganization in which measurement and pattern play a significant role. Her recent solo exhibition ULTRA-PARALLEL at the Koffler Gallery garnered high praise with reviews in the Toronto Star, Akimbo, and Canadian Art. She was a long-list nominee for the Sobey Art Award in 2013. Her work has been collected by the Canada Council Art Bank. Lahde has upcoming solo exhibitions at OBORO in Montreal and 57W57 Arts in New York.

An exhibition of new work by Micah Adams entitled Selected Coin Studies fills MKG127’s front space. This is Adams’ second solo exhibition at the gallery, and is a presentation of recent numismatic artworks. Numismatics traditionally involves the study and collection of coins or currency. In these works, Adams explores themes and iconography found on coins and interprets them into drawings, etchings and sculptures.

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