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International Architectural Roundtable: Designing Resilient Buildings in the Face of Climate Change

November 30, 2016
222 Bremner Boulevard, Toronto, Ontario

Architecture is facing a new necessity: designing for resiliency. The impacts of extreme weather events due to climate change influence decision-making across the industry. Rising sea levels, increases in global temperatures, and fluctuations in precipitation are forcing us to re-think our built environment from cities, to stand-alone developments and retrofits. What are the standards of resilient design when dealing with weather-related risks and security? What are the latest innovations for mitigating structural, functional and operational issues arising out of climate change? The 2016 International Architectural Roundtable will round up global insights on how to design for the realities of our changing climate. The need for resiliency is already making an impact on investment and development underwriting, tenant decisions and city-building. These shifts need to be better understood and managed—starting with design.

Presented as part of Construct Canada.

Moderated by Canadian Architect editor Elsa Lam.


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