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Growing and Supporting our Public Realm

November 24, 2016
111 Queens Park, Toronto

Join us for our upcoming AED (Architecture, Engineering & Design) event on Growing and Supporting our Public Realm on November 24, 2016, 8:00am-10:30am, at the Gardiner Museum, 111 Queens Park in Toronto.

Private Spaces, Public Interests: Growing and supporting our public realm through smart policy

The success of Waterfront Toronto’s redevelopment project and the promise of the reclamation of unused space under the crosstown Gardiner Expressway has reinvigorated the discussion about the way the city treats public space. As urban development continues to expand to include considerations for the public use of space, often designated as Privately Owned Public Spaces (POPS), the question increasingly becomes, how does the private sector engage with public spaces in a way that benefits both?

Looking at successful projects from across the spectrum, this talk will explore the ways private development can successfully intersect with the public realm, and uncover ideas for policies to help our public spaces flourish.

The panel will explore:

  • What kinds of incentives developers are looking for when developing POPS
  • How the division of space maintenance responsibility impacts the long term outcomes of these spaces
  • How developers are designing with the public realm in mind
  • How firms can approach the bid process in a way that puts public space at the forefront
  • Unique examples of privately supported public spaces from around the world.

The keynote will be given by Dave Harvey, Executive Director, of Park People. The panelists will include Gabriel Leung, VP Development, Concord Adex; Kelvin Browne, Executive Director and CEO, Gardiner Museum; Judy Matthews, Philanthropist, Under the Gardiner project; Jane Perdue, Public Art Coordinator, Urban Design, City Planning; Chris Pommer, Architect, Plant Architects; and the moderator will be Marcus Gee, Columnist, The Globe and Mail. In addition, Shimmerman Penn’s team will provide resources that highlight our firm’s capabilities and services focused on the architecture, engineering and design sectors.

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