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Design for Society, Design from Society: The Socio-Political Significance of Minimum-Size Housing and Prefabrication in Japan in the Mid-Twentieth Century

August 13, 2015
Canadian Centre for Architecture, 1920 Rue Baile, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Izumi Kuroishi, 2015 Visiting Scholar, presents a seminar that examines prefabrication and minimum-size housing in Japan in the mid-20th century. In the processes of Westernization and industrialization, the economy of consumption and globalization had profound effects on Japan’s customs, aesthetics and architectural and urban culture, creating a rupture in design thinking, manufacturing technique and architecture’s relationship with society. This seminar will explore the shift in the method of studying housing and ways of living, how this method was applied to life-improvement projects and interior studies, and how Japanese architects developed ideas of the minimum-size house, prefabrication systems, a national module and mathematical design systems as alternative approaches to architectural theory.

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