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CityAge: Arctic Age

March 17 -
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

The future of the Arctic is one of the most important international debates of the 21st Century. Government, businesses and people are asking questions that will have consequences for Canada, the North and the rest of the planet for generations to come.

That’s why on March 17, CityAge Media will organize the inaugural ArcticAge: Our Northern Future. This special event will gather leaders in business and government with indigenous and northern leaders to address new models of private and public investment in the Arctic.

What is the future of transportation in the North, and how will it change the Arctic and global trade routes? In the digital age, what are the monitoring systems to protect sovereignty and foster sustainable development? What energy projects and infrastructure investments are essential to Northern development? What are the new approaches to connect and empower the Arctic through broadband and telecommunications? How will the North’s indigenous peoples be partners and benefit from the legacy of investment?

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