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Alan Ricks: Beyond the Building

September 17, 2015
John A. Russell Building, University of Manitoba Faculty of Architecture, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Can architecture improve our health? Can architecture be used to radically improve people’s lives? Conversely, can architecture injure the population it houses? Can architecture kill? Put differently, which is the role of architecture beyond the building itself?

Alan Ricks, chief operating officer and co-founder of MASS Design Group, delivers the Jeffrey Cook Memorial Lecture in which he will discuss his firm’s work, its process, and the opportunities through which architects and designers can apply their skills for impact.

MASS Design Group is an architecture and design organization committed to stretching the boundaries of what we expect our built environment to provide. Its members have seen architecture restrict people’s access to essential services, but in the process of working on buildings as far afield as Rwanda, the Dominican Republic of the Congo, and Haiti, they’ve also seen design and the process of building generate systemic change, break the cycle of poverty, and radically improve people’s health, livelihoods, and lives.

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