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2017 Collaborative Exercise (CEx17)

January 13 - January 27, 2017
325 Church Street, Toronto

CEx17 will examine design options for reducing risk from extreme heat to vulnerable populations living in multi-unit high-rise residential buildings. To develop the potential form and design for these cooling stations, CEx17 invites student to design on-site Cooling Centres – places that would provide thermal comfort to high-rise building occupants and be accessible to community residents during periods of extreme heat.

The Cooling Centre designs would provide a combination of shading, seating, splash pads and other amenities that would give comfort to residents as required on Toronto’s hot summer days. The focus of design would be passive cooling, which would provide thermal comfort to Cooling Centre users with low or nil energy consumption. Design proposals are being tested on three generic sites. Within these sites, typical locations have been identified for the Cooling Centres.

Design proposals will be on view from 13 January to 27 January 2017 in the Paul H. Cocker Gallery located in the Architecture Building at 325 Church Street, Toronto, on the Ryerson University campus.

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