Eternal Golden Castle Historic Parks Master Plan International Competition

The parks of Fort Erh-Kun-Shen are located inside the National Anping Harbor Historic Park, which is now being developed by the Tainan City Government in Taiwan. They are among the largest parks in the new Anping city district, and are part of the waterfront green belt area. The total size of the competition area is approximately 20 hectares. Included within the borders of this site are three different areas (Eternal Golden Castle Park, Display Area for the Deyang Warship, Asia-Pacific Art Museum), each with its own requirements and challenges. The following points must be addressed:

*a unique waterfront landscape that is integrated with the surrounding environment
*architecture and landscape should be unique in their qualities, yet the relationship between them should be strengthened
*ecological conservation as well as waterfront recreation should be addressed to create a good interface between the park and the harbour

The jury is comprised of: Felix Claus, Norihiko Dan, Kay Ngee Tan, Chao-Ching Fu, Joseph Wong, John K.C. Liu, and Chao-lee Kuo.

The awards for the selected Stage 2 competitor is NT$500,000 for each foreign team and NT$300,000 for each domestic team for their efforts in preparing the final design proposal, their attendance at the symposium, and the copyright for the exhibitions and publications. First prize is NT$1,250,000; first runner up will receive NT$750,000; and the second runner up will receive NT$500,000.

The competition is open to professional teams qualified to practice in their country of origin in the fields of urban planning, architecture and landscape architecture.

The submission deadline is April 28, 2006 for the Stage 1 concept. June 12, 2006 is the submission deadline for those making it to Stage 2. June 23, 2006 will see the announcement of the winner at the press conference.

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