Eppich House II book launches in Vancouver this Thursday

On March 21st from 5 to 7 pm, Vancouver’s Inform Interiors is hosting a book launch and presentation of Eppich House, The Story of An Arthur Erickson Masterwork II. The presentation will begin at approximately 6pm at the store’s 50 Water Street Showroom.

Eppich House II

Eppich House II tells the story, through stunning images and Arthur Erickson’s own words, of how a unique collaboration with “dream clients” resulted in Erickson’s most striking residence. It’s a daring experiment that embodies Erickson’s West Coast modernist ideas about site, material, and form. His first steel residence explores both the structural and aesthetic possibilities of the material, with curved beams, dyed cladding, and milled furnishings designed with Francisco Kripacz—features that would normally be impossible to achieve in residential design. But after seeing the first Eppich House, built for Hugo’s twin brother Helmut, Hugo entrusted Erickson with creating and furnishing the entire house, inside and out—another first for Erickson—and made available the Eppich brothers’ Ebco steel fabricating plants, which built virtually every component of the home. The book also expands on the interior design, landscaping, modern art by Egon Eppich, and extraordinary achievements of the Eppichs.

The house is described in the Foreword as “An episode in Pacific Northwest architectural glamour” by Michelangelo Sabatino (Dean of the College of Architecture of the Illinois Institute of Technology, and co-author with Rhodri Windsor Liscombe of Canada–Modern Architectures in History). Sabatino situates the house within Vancouver’s evolution, Erickson’s larger career, and developments in 20th-century residential architecture in general. Architecture expert Greg Bellerby weaves into his essay extensive interviews with Erickson, Eppich, and architect Nick Milkovich, as well as contributions from landscape architect Cornelia Oberlander.

Series editor and nephew of Arthur Erickson, Geoffrey Erickson, AOCA (Editor of Francisco Kripacz, Interior Design, by Arthur Erickson), will present this extraordinary achievement along with writer Greg Bellerby, and architect Nick Milkovich.

The event is free to attend, but registration is requested at this link.