Garaga offers an entirely new line of garage door windows to answer to the increasing demand of consumers who desire more choices and harmony between their garage door and their entrance door. Garaga offers one of the most extensive choices for decorative garage door windows on the market in Canada. Regardless of your taste, you will easily find just the right model to add a special touch of elegance to your home. Various types of windows are offered to you: stained glass, grooved glass, Orion, printed process and plastics inserts with clear glass. They are silver, gold or caming with glue chip, clear glass or satin beveled glass. Durable and weather tight, the windows are set in synthetic resin frames that will not discolor. Like all Garaga products, they are designed to be the choice you’ll never regret! For more information on Garaga windows, ask for your brochure: “Enter a world of choice” or visit them at www.garaga.com