EnerQuality Excellence Awards ceremony on Wednesday, January 12

Some of the best homebuilders and building professionals in the industry will be honoured at this event, part of the Ontario Building & Renovation Forum 2005 held at the Hilton Suites Toronto-Markham Conference Centre.

Awards will be given to R-2000 and EnerGuide for New Homes builders and building professionals in a range of categories including:

*Technical Excellence
*Most Airtight Home
*Environmental Leadership
*Most Sustainable Design
*Best Overall Design
*EnerGuide Builder of the Year
*R-2000 Builder of the Year
*Hall of Fame

For more information, please contact Peter Love, President, EnerQuality Corporation at (416) 922-9038 x24.

R-2000 homes go beyond the requirements of the building code. They are more energy efficient, offer better indoor air quality, and environmentally responsible products are used in their construction. An independent, third-party expert inspects each house to make sure that it meets these requirements before it can be certified as an R-2000 home. Only licensed R-2000 builders who have been trained by the Government of Canada can build R-2000 homes. If it’s not certified, it’s not an R-2000 home!

EnerGuide for Houses is similar to other EnerGuide labelling programs that measure the energy use and efficiency of appliances, but this one rates the whole house. The program was created by Natural Resource Canada’s Office of Energy Efficiency to help homeowners and the construction and renovation industries get independent, expert advice about making homes more energy efficient. In this program, each home’s blueprints are analyzed to assess its energy efficiency, and a rating out of 100 is generated. A home built to the basic Ontario Building Code standard will rate in teh 60s, whereas a super energy efficient R-2000 house would rate above 80. For every point rise on the scale, more money is saved on your utility bills.