Emerging Talent

Every year, a growing cohort of architects hang out their shingle and head out to find clients. Some are recent graduates. Others have worked under established studios for years before going solo. From coast to coast, here are some of the up-and-coming designers we’re keeping our eye on. Click on their photos to learn more.

Thanks to Twenty + Change directors Heather Dubbeldam and Lola Sheppard, whose ongoing exhibition and publication series provided inspiration for our selection of emerging talent. The fourth version of Twenty + Change, NEXT GENERATION, was on display in Toronto last winter.


 Marianne Amodio Architecture Studio

Marianne Amodio


Platform Architecture + Design

Jesse Garlick



Ben Klumper, Dustin Couzens, Cara Tretiak, Paul Mowatt, Larissa Schuler, John Ferguson, Nicky Gretzan, Ryan Cook, Max Seinini, Anthomy Schmidt.



Chris Burke, Julie Kusyk, Evan Schellenberg, Tiffany Leong, Chris Gilmour, Andre Silva. Photo by Jacqueline Young



Michael Butterworth, Liane Veness, Kyle Wires-Munro. Photo by Kiex Fotography


Kilogram Studio

Devin Glowinski, Dan Briker, Kfir Gluzberg, James Swain. Photo by Nick Kozak



Eiri Ota, Irene Gardpoit


Architects Luc Bouliane

Stephen Addeo, Natasha Lebel, Luc Bouliane, Natasha Somborac, Wes Wilson, Laura Zarnke (Missing)


Angela Tsementzis Architect

Angela Tsementzis


Microclimat Architecture

Olivier Lajeunesse-Travers, Guillaume Marcoux



Julia Manaças, Maxime Lefebvre, Jennifer Thorogood, Tom Balaban


APPAREIL Architecture

Kim Pariseau


Pelletier de Fontenay

Hubert Pelletier, Yves de Fontenay


Abbott Brown Architects

Alec Brown, Jane Abbott