EllisDon and DIALOG’s hybrid timber floor system undergoes final testing

Photo courtesy of EllisDon and DIALOG


Following preliminary structural testing in Vancouver and fire testing in Ottawa, EllisDon and DIALOG’s patent-pending hybrid mass timber floor system will undergo significant vibration and structural testing this summer—the third and final stage of its testing process.

The system, which combines mass timber, steel, and concrete to achieve clear spans of up to 12 metres in length, and showcases exposed finishes. “With the novel combination of these materials and its unique features, the Hybrid Timber Floor System could be deployed in buildings, around the world, to dramatic heights,” writes DIALOG.

The research for the floor system received more than $550,00 in Government of Canada research funding in 2022.

The environmental advantages of this project include decreased carbon emissions, optimal utilization of sustainably sourced wood and offsite prefabrication, and the creation of lengthy, open-ceiling spaces. The system also champions carbon-conscious sustainability and outperforms conventional CLT systems.

“The hybrid timber floor system is a collaboration between EllisDon and DIALOG, showcasing our shared goal of creating low-carbon construction methods to fight climate change. This system allows us to use mass timber in ways that were traditionally reserved for concrete and steel, like long-spanning structures,” said Mark Gaglione, Director of Building and Material Sciences, EllisDon.

“If deployed at scale, it could benefit the industry by replacing large quantities of structural steel and cement on a project-by-project basis.”