EIFS Council launches 2018-2019 architectural award program

The EIFS Council of Canada officially launched its 2018‐2019 Architectural Design Awards Program to honour design professionals and firms which incorporate EIFS products into innovative and creative built projects.

Grand Prize winners from previous years included KNYMH Architecture Inc.’s innovative six storey wood structure, “Aquablu Condominiums,” and NumberTEN Architectural Group’s beautiful school project, “Enchokay Birchstick School.” This year, the EIFS Council encourages all architects and design professionals to submit their recent EIFS projects for the opportunity to be selected as the Grand Prize recipient.

Enchokay Birchstick School, a 2016-2017 winner by Number Ten Architecture. Photo via EIFS Council
Enchokay Birchstick School, a 2016-2017 winner by Number Ten Architecture. Photo via EIFS Council

“The EIFS Council of Canada is pleased to continue to recognize and honour projects that have used EIFS in an innovative way,” remarked John M. Garbin, President/ CEO of the EIFS Council of Canada, “We developed this Awards Program with the objective of creating a new benchmark in EIFS construction. The finalists and winners from the past few years have proven that EIFS buildings will help realize Canada’s national objective of creating resilient, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing buildings.”

The Awards Program is open to all architects, architectural firms, builders or design professionals that have designed and completed a project located in Canada that utilizes EIFS. Eligible projects must be occupied no sooner than January 1st, 2017 and no later than January 31st, 2019. All applicants may submit their projects in one of fiv categories: 1) low rise residential, 2) high rise residential, 3) commercial/retail, 4) recreational/institutional, and 5) renovation.

Registrations to determine eligibility are open until January 31st 2019. All eligible applicants will then have until April 12th, 2019 to prepare their electronic submission packages. Final submission packages must be received no later than 12:01am April 12th, 2019.

Award finalists will be announced on May 6th, 2019. All Award finalists will be announced in a Press Release and featured in articles submitted to prominent Canadian architectural and construction publications. The recipients will be selected by a renowned jury of industry experts from a variety of building industry disciplines. The jury will consider the submissions in relation to a range of established criteria to decide on a winning project. They will select one Grand Award winner with a maximum of 2 honourable mentions for each category. Award recipients will be honoured at the EIFS Council of Canada Annual General Meeting and Awards Dinner in June 2019.

More information about the awards is available here.