Drura Parrish lectures in Calgary

As part of the Design Matters lecture series hosted by the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Environmental Design, Drura Parrish of the University of Kentucky’s College of Design speaks at 7:00pm on Thursday, February 24 at the Uptown Theatre in Calgary.

Parrish states: “Somehow architects and designers have found themselves at the bottom of the food chain in a growing design-based economy. This shouldn’t be the case. Digital technologies have greatly expanded the designer’s ability to produce, test, and verify design. In prototyping, we use words like “testing” and “feedback.” The problem, however, is that this simply reinforces our normative view that innovation is congealed in the design element itself rather than in our enhanced ability to perform in the marketplace. This talk is a case study in the future of design-based entrepreneurship.” 

Parrish’s professional and academic endeavours include architecture, industrial design, urban design, as well as strategy and concept development. He has co-founded a design consulting firm, pre-development services firm, as well as serving as a director for a fabrication and logistic consulting firm. He has published, exhibited and lectured internationally. Parrish earned a BA in Psychology and Art History from DePaul University, a Masters in Architecture from Savannah College of Art and Design, and a post-professional Masters in Architecture from the Southern California Institute of Architecture. He has taught at the Southern California Institute of Architecture in both graduate and postgraduate programs. Currently, he is teaching at the University of Kentucky in the College of Design.

Parrish is a principal of PR&vD (Parrish Rash & van Dissel), a firm that provides custom fabrication, product development, manufacturing, and sales and marketing services for museum art and design objects, custom interior design installations, and innovative interior design product concepts.  They have produced work that is in the collections of MAK Vienna, SF Moma, and the Art Institute of Chicago.  They also have a gallery in Lexington, Kentucky, where they are experimenting with approaches to encourage artists and industrial designers around the world to innovate by creating new and more profitable ways for them to produce and market their work.

Admission is $5 but free for University of Calgary students. For more information, please visit www.evds.ucalgary.ca.