Discursive Space: Breaking Barriers to Effective Spatial Communication in Museums

This conference at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto runs from June 20-23, 2013, and provides a forum for deliberation concerning the integration of art, design and architecture in the creation of memorable and immersive museum experiences, while balancing the public’s expectations of self-directed expression and engagement.

Today’s society is continuously challenged to break down barriers; barriers that stand to separate individuals and ideas. Art and design in their truest forms are created to fracture barriers and initiate dialogue with individuals, internally and socially. How does one make an emotional connection, effect communication, and immersively engage a museum audience with an experience when there are these barriers to be overcome? The issue of how cultural institutions can reconnect with the public and demonstrate their value and relevance in contemporary life has been at the forefront of discussions between scholars, designers and professionals in recent times. In order for the conference to have relevance within the museum community, it has to have relevance for those who work in or study museums, but also to those who visit museums, to those who design museums, and those who see museums as an educational resource.

Highlights include an opening keynote dialogue featuring Tom Hennes of New York’s Thinc Design and Kathleen McLean of California-based Independent Exhibition. A variety of other speakers will be present, and the closing keynote will be delivered by Jana Scholze, Curator of Contemporary Furniture at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, UK.

The conference is hosted by Ryerson University’s School of Interior Design and the Art Gallery of Ontario

For more detailed information and to register, please visit www.discursivespace.com.