Diamond Schmitt wins Creative City Builders Award

Photos Tom Sandler Photography

Don Schmitt, of Diamond Schmitt Architects, has received Canadian Stage’s 2023 Creative City Builders award. The honour was conferred last week at Canadian Stage’s annual Theatre Ball, held at the Evergreen Brickworks.

Canadian Stage’s Creative City Builders Award recognizes and celebrates Toronto leaders and companies that have meaningfully contributed to the creative spaces and communities in our vibrant city. The award is built on the premise that the arts and culture sectors play foundational, underpinning roles in the vitality of our neighbourhoods and urban spaces. “Artists and arts organizations cannot do this alone—we need people, businesses, and governments to actively make space and create the conditions for creative cities,” writes the Canadian Stage.

Photos Tom Sandler Photography

“Diamond Schmitt designs buildings that elevate and enrich communities. Their work is rooted in the firm belief that architecture can inspire and empower people to realize their full potential,” commented this year’s selection committee. “Whether working locally, nationally, or internationally, Diamond Schmitt brings a distinctively Canadian perspective to their work. The appreciation of difference, the respect for the natural environment, the promotion of health and well-being, and a deep compassion for all—Diamond Schmitt lives the best values that define us as a nation.”

The 2022 Creative City Builders Award went to Babak and Tooran Mortazavi, co-founders of development firm TAS, an unconventional impact company that promotes connected neighbourhoods and caring, committed neighbourhoods.

Canadian Stage’s City Builders program is a network of leaders in real estate, construction, architecture, planning, and related areas who support the development and production of Canadian performance art and artists. The program underscores the roles that arts, culture, and physical infrastructure play in creating vibrant cities.