Diamond Schmitt’s Hatch Centre opens at McMaster

The expansion of Hamilton’s McMaster University has continued this year, and the school’s growth was recently marked by the opening of the Gerald Hatch Centre for Engineering Experiential Learning. Designed by Toronto’s Diamond Schmitt Architects, the opening of the sustainably designed building was recently covered by our sister publication, Building Magazine:Hatch Centre, McMaster University, Hamilton, Diamond Schmitt Architects

The design showcases how sustainable technologies can work together to reduce the environmental footprint of the built form and provide a leading edge in advanced green technology and research. “Central to the project’s design is the concept that the operation and energy-use needs of the building will be a testing ground for an array of green energy-producing research equipment,” said Michael Szabo, Principal, Diamond Schmitt Architects. “The building is enabled to pursue zero-net energy and to demonstrate its potential as a stand-alone resilient facility.”

You can find the rest of the story at Building Magazine, linked here.