DIALOG recently completes new Edmonton International Airport (EIA) Office and Control Tower

The Combined Office/Control Tower project was an integral part of the Edmonton International Airport’s expansion 2012 program, responding to increasing ridership and the pressure it had placed on the existing infrastructure and buildings. As Canada’s fastest-growing major airport, the expansion ensures that the airport keeps pace with the Alberta Capital Region’s economic development.

The design vision for the Tower project is to create a memorable first and last impression for Edmonton; one that expresses its sense of place and its people. In addition, the design is intended to respond to the growing operational needs of the International Airport as well as offer enhanced benefits to travellers and airport tenants. There is an emphasis on producing an environment that is easy to navigate for passenger comfort, environmentally responsible, economically viable, and responsive to all aviation, passenger and airport staff requirements. Specifically, the design seeks to better connect and engage passengers with views to airside operations, to minimize the impact of increasing ridership on terminal operations, and to provide a healthy indoor environment for travellers and staff through a response that is sustainable.

The combined tower houses a new cutting-edge NAV Canada air traffic control tower, an expanded retail precinct, and provides new administrative offices. Additional functional objectives include the provision of improved airside ground operations, the creation of a central baggage area, and the development of a key nodal area to improve passenger and baggage flow.

The project is targeting LEED® Silver designation.