Design team selected for Arctic College expansion

View of one of the Arctic College's current buildings near Iqaluit, Nunavut.
View of one of the Arctic College’s current buildings near Iqaluit, Nunavut.

Through a competitive process, the Government of Nunavut has awarded the design of the Arctic College Expansion and New Community Centre in Iqaluit to Toronto-based firm Teeple Architects with Cibinel Architecture of Winnipeg.

Nunavut Arctic College endeavours to be the college of choice for the people of Nunavut, by offering culturally relevant programs of the highest national standard. Their graduates help to advance Inuit language and culture, and are proud to take their place in Nunavut and beyond. The College has come to a point where it needs to increase its capacity. 

Through an integrated design process, the Teeple-Cibinel team will work with the Government of Nunavut, Arctic College and community members to execute their vision for the new facilities. 

“We’re excited for this opportunity to create architecture that responds to Iqaluit and the Arctic in every sense—technically, contextually, culturally and socially,” says design architect Stephen Teeple.  

At roughly 2,169 square metres, the new facilities will welcome 269 students and 37 staff by August 2019. The expansion and addition program includes fine arts and multimedia classrooms, fisheries training classrooms, digital labs, kitchen classrooms and other versatile learning spaces. 

“Through our work on the Inuit Art Centre expansion at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, currently in design, we had the incredible experience of visiting some of the communities of Nunavut,” says George Cibinel, founder of Cibinel Architecture. “We are thrilled to now be able to work with the Arctic community, in their homeland, to develop a facility that responds uniquely to their needs and the climatic challenges of the Northern environment in the creation of exceptional learning spaces.”

“We have been working towards the expansion of our Iqaluit campus for many years. To be starting the design of this new facility is an incredible achievement. The new facility will provide much needed program space in Iqaluit,” says Eric Corneau, Dean of Nunavut Arctic College, Nunatta campus. 

“The Government of Nunavut has made education a priority in this current mandate. Building this new campus is a reflection of this priority and will provide the space necessary to expand much needed post-secondary education programs in Nunavut’s capital city,” adds Nunavut Arctic College Minister, Hon. Paul Quassa.