Design by Nature exhibition now on at Evergreen Brick Works

The 3rd annual Design by Nature international competition will celebrate this year’s winners and finalists at Evergreen Bricks Works. The event will kick off with an invitation only gala followed by the public launch of the two-month-long exhibition.

After receiving a record-breaking 118 submissions for this year’s competition, the jury selected seven outstanding proposals promoting sustainable design – the majority of which were made from discarded city wood salvaged from 2013’s ice storm and ash wood infestation.

Come and see the selected works of Miles Keller, Scott Barker, The National Design Collective, Mark Grimsrud, Andre Joyau, STACKLAB, Matthew Blunderfield and Daniel Gruetter. These seven pieces of functional furniture and public art were chosen from amongst 118 submissions for their creative reimagination of pre-existing and salvaged materials. They are being exhibited on site at Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto until December 2014.

“Every year we are stunned by the high quality of submissions and growing awareness of the program,” enthuses Matthew Cohen, founder of Design by Nature. “This year has totally blown our expectations out of the water. The talent on display at this year’s exhibition bodes well for a very bright future of compelling, expansive, innovative uses with existing materials. We are thrilled.”

Chosen for their overall concept, adaptability of design, and creative reuse of ingredients, the creations span a wide range of concepts. From refined modular furniture to provocative sculptural statements, an imaginative combination of materials – including discarded wine corks and straw to ground tires and blackened steel – are accentuated by natural beauty.

“This year’s designs reflect strongly on the creative diversity of art, sculpture and furniture,” says co-founder Sue Madsen. “The final seven stood out because of their unexpected reimagining of reclaimed materials married with beautifully executed design.”

Design by Nature is an annual rotating design competition that promotes innovative public art, sculpture and functional furniture through a creative reimagination of salvaged materials. The exhibition will be on display in indoor and outdoor public spaces across the Evergreen Brick Works site until December.

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