Design and construction luminaries recently appointed to the Order of Canada

The Governor General of Canada recently announced 90 new appointments to the Order of Canada. Among those, six are prominent in the design and construction industry. 

New Officers of the Order of Canada include the following:

*Glenn Pushelberg, O.C. and George Yabu, O.C. of Toronto, Ontario are recognized for their contributions to design excellence internationally, notably by bringing their creative outlook to public spaces, and for promoting the Canadian design industry.  

*Douglas Coupland, O.C. of West Vancouver, British Columbia is recognized for his contributions to our examination of the contemporary human condition as a novelist, cultural commentator and artist.

New Members of the Order of Canada include the following:

*Shirley Blumberg, C.M. of Toronto, Ontario for her contributions to architecture and for her commitment to creating spaces that foster a sense of community.

*Stephen Carpenter, C.M. of Conestogo, Ontario for his visionary leadership in the development and stewardship of Canada’s green building industry. 

*Peter E. Gilgan, C.M., O.Ont. of Oakville, Ontario for his innovative leadership in Canada’s construction industry, and for his philanthropic support of initiatives in health care, education and athletics.

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