Deadline for submissions for the 2005 RAIC Awards

The award date for the 2005 RAIC Awards of Excellence is May 06, 2005. Submissions for all awards must be received at the RAIC office before 4:00pm (Eastern Time) on Tuesday, November 30, 2004 and must be completed in accordance with the instructions provided by the RAIC on its website at and must be sent with entry free, if applicable, made payable to the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (GST No. R122181720) to:

RAIC Awards of Excellence
The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada
330 55 Murray Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K1N 5M3

Additionally, the submission deadline for nominations for the RAIC Gold Medal is December 31, 2004. The Gold Medal will be bestowed on an individual whose personal work has demonstrated an exceptional excellence in the design and practice of architecture, and/or whose work related to architecture has demonstrated exceptional excellence in research or education. Further details are available on the RAIC website at