[de]liberation 04: Visiting Critic’s Symposium

[de]liberation is an event that stems from the themes and issues explored in the School of Architecture, Master’s Studios. Held at Carleton University in Ottawa from April 23-24, the two-day event features an exhibition of student projects as well as those of this year’s visiting critic, Stephen Teeple.

This year, studios conducted by Benjamin Gianni and Stephen Teeple are both situated in Toronto and explore issues such as low-income housing, gentrification and the role of cultural institutions in the community.

The theme of this year’s symposium explores architecture’s generative capacity to act as an "infrastructural" agent in the development of social, economic and cultural activity in the city. The discussion situates itself between the investment in cultural institutions, specifically art museums, and the development of a city’s waterfront with particular emphasis on urban planning and housing.

A keynote lecture and a public forum discussion, among practitioners, academics and representatives from relevant public sector organizations, are the symposium’s featured events, along with a keynote address by Thom Mayne of Morphosis. For more information please visit www.dai.carleton.ca