Daniels Faculty Announces New Circadia Programming

The Daniels Faculty’s New Circadia installation is a soft utopia transforming the new 7,500 square-foot Architecture and Design Gallery into a cave-like space.

Photo by Harry Choi

Designed as an antidote to our technology-infused lives, New Circadia aims to demonstrate that idling—whether by sleeping, dreaming, napping, or meditating—is not lost, unproductive time, but rather an essential state of mind and body.

Gallery visitors are invited to use “soft gear” (body-sized, wearable pillows) and engage in self-directed repose and relaxation in an effort to disconnect from standard time and external stimuli.

In affiliation with the New Circadia installation, the Architecture and Design Gallery will be hosting a series of free and experimental public programs until April 30, 2020.

Photo by Harry Choi

These performances, talks and films will be led by a group of multidisciplinary scholars, philosophers, performers and storytellers, and organized around a set of time-based themes: Dream Time, Story Time, Wasting Time, Marking Time, and Deep Time.

This month, American sound artist Christine Sun Kim will present a three-channel video “Spoken on my Behalf”, followed by an artist talk exploring how sound operates in society and what it’s like to live in the world as non-hearing person.

Addressing how sleep can have an instrumental impact on history and world events, Franny Nudelman, author of “Fighting Sleep: The War for the Mind and the US Military” will lead a conversation about how the military has used sleep as a weapon, and how sleep can be used as a form of protest.

Later in the spring and as part of the Story Time series, folklorist, scholar and performance-artist Kay Turner and her collaborators will immerse guests in a world of transfigured classical myths and narratives through an interactive storytelling performance.

For film lovers, each Friday night there will be a double-bill screening within the installation, including both experimental shorts and feature-length dramatic or documentary films. These will include “Sleep Dealer”, Alex Rivera’s Sci-Fi Thriller; “Cave of Forgotten Dreams”, Werner Herzog’s documentary about the Chauvet Cave which contains some of the oldest known human-painted images; “Experiences Hors du Temps” (Midnight Cave: The Time Experiment), Michel Siffre’s documentary on the effects of time isolation or human chronobiology; “Requiem for a Dream”, Darren Aronofsky’s intense psychological drama; “The Institute Benjamenta”, or, “This Dream People Call Human Life”, and “Street of Crocodiles”, two films by the Brothers Quay, the influential, mind-bending, stop-animation filmmakers. Experimental shorts will include “Altiplano” by Malena Szlam; “Horror Vacui” by Matteo Zamagni, and “Meshes of the Afternoon”, Maya Deren’s ground-breaking classic.

Additional events include a dialogue with Mark Kingwell about the nature of boredom, drawing on his latest book, “Wish I Were Here: Boredom and the Interface”, and a previous collaboration on the “The Idler’s Glossary,” and a workshop and performance with Beau Rhee and Jeremy Toussaint- Baptiste.

For more information, visit: https://www.daniels.utoronto.ca/events/all?type=64